Hit the road Jack


“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mansheltiekind.” Ardbeg’s breeder, Jutka has asked me the other day to join her on a journey to the Czech Republic. The aim was to buy a new male puppy, …

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Desirable: juicy tasty favorite special yummy bite-size Not a good choice: dry food, kibble dry pieces (may cough on them), i.e. old cookies too spicy, salty (will be thirsty soon) ordinary too big pieces (takes lot of time to chew …

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Do: always call him with his name AND the cue word „come!”. If you repeat only his name, he still won’t know what to do. (Rusty-rusty-rustyyy! yeah it’s me but what do you want from me?) use a high-pitched, playful …

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Your dog may be obedient but still unhappy if you always give orders without rewarding the expected behavior. Why is that? He’s the dog, he has born to obey, hasn’t he? Not really. They are sensitive beings, need positive reinforcement …

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Cat training


Cats are able to do tricks! Or at least Copper can. Okay, my nephew confessed it took three months to teach the beast sit and wait, but it’s more than respectful anyway. Indeed, because cats are lone rangers, they never hunt in pack. Mating …

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