Normally I take only one dog for daycare, because I have my own two, plus usually I have one or two dogs in training. That means most of the time there are 3-4 dogs here, and I really don’t want to upset neither my husband nor the neighbors. Of course if you have two dogs, and you don’t want to separate them while you’re away, we may figure it out.

The dogs are kept in the house, so they have to be housebroken. (If an accident happens more than once, there will be extra charges.) During the night most of them are sleeping in the living room (except the sheltie, but he doesn’t count as a dog), your beloved one will find her place among the others, I’m sure.

Doris rarely lets someone else other than Ardbeg into her bed

I have a pretty big garden the dogs may play in, they are always under my supervision while they’re outside. As you can see among the Prices, there is a possibility to teach tricks to your doggie during her stay, e.g. walking on a leash without pulling is such a trick. Just sayin’. 🙂

That’s only half of the garden
8 dogs were a bit too much even for me

I have some agility obstacles (hurdles, tunnels, weave poles), so doing some training is an option.

Please be informed that – for obvious reasons – I don’t take dogs that are

  • aggressive
  • not housebroken
  • bitches in heat

Thank you for your understanding!