My dogs


DorkaDoris is my third dog, but I can say she’s The Dog for me. She’s a Belgian Sheepdog, born in 2008.

She is assertive, clever, touchy, light-headed, stubborn and adorable. Learns easily and workaholic. Groenendael is definitely the perfect breed for me, and she’s the best in her kind.

We have tried several dog sports with her: herding, disc dog, dock diving, treibball, protection sport, flyball racing, K99 and agility. She is a trained mobility assistance dog, has E7 and Ü7 exams from K99 and in her golden years she competed agility.


ardiNamed after a single malt whisky, his personality is similar to the Scots: hard-headed, always ready to have some fun, tough and cunning.

He’s a Shetland Sheepdog, born in 2013, came to our family after my cat died and enchanted everyone immediately but Doris. After two weeks Doris has realized that the little fur-ball is always ready to play and from then on she accepted his presence.

With Ardi we’ve tried herding, mantrailing, tracking, flyball racing, K99 and agility. He competes agility,  level A2.