My work

I started my career as a family dog trainer, I was working in dog schools and made one-to one trainings too.

Agility seemed to be a good hobby, but after a while you simply put too much effect to call it like that. It’s a passion.

As a guide dog trainer I trained several dogs, while I was working in Hungary 13 of them graduated with their owner under my supervision: Mokka, Nikita, Grace, Léda, Ribizli, Simon, Póker, Mirka, Zoé, Rusty, Rylie, Rella, Villám.

In Austria so far Lio and Frodo (labradors) were partly trained by me, Marlon (poodle) and Zuri (flat coated retriever) were entirely my own work.

Sindy (German shepherd) and Edward (poodle) are getting acquainted with their future owners right now, recently I work with the two white poodles, Emil and Fenja.

Lio (up, left), Frodo (up, right), Marlon (down, left) and Zuri (down, right)
Sindy and Edward
Fenja and Emil

And let me show you some tasks a mobility assistance dog can do: