First of all, I’m neither a guru, nor a magician. I’m just someone who learned some things about dogs during the years with mine and others, talked to ethologists several times and know a little about behavior and biology.

I’m not the one who waves a magic band, murmur some abracadabra and whoosh! a miracle occurs. No. It is YOU, who will let the miracle happen, not me.

But for that you will have to work. A lot.

I will talk hours about behavior, urge and motivation, about how a predator – your dog – works. I will help you understand him, dehumanize him and put him where he belongs, find his correct place in your family what everybody can be satisfied with. I will teach you techniques and methods to train him, calm him or the opposite – prepare him for an activity. But I will also give you tons of homework, tasks to be practiced every day, rules to comply.

Dogs learn by consistency and practice. If you can not grant it, nothing will change.

Are you ready?