During training the dog always asks: why is this good for me? Why should I do this? (Just as a human would do.) Many owners’ answer is: because you’re a dog and I’m a human, so I’m superior, you have to obey. Dog: OK, then catch me if you can, I’m gone sniffin’ / playin’ / fetchin’ some butterflies!

Wouldn’t you do the same?

I try to achieve a win-win situation both to you and your dog. You’ll always offer something in exchange for obedience: food, play tugging, social reinforcement (i.e. your love). This way she’ll learn extra quick to behave.

My method is not one particular one but rather a collection of so-called positive methods. I don’t think positive reinforcement may exist without some scolding or punishment, but I try to reduce the latter. Actually I like to use negative punishment, it’s not harsh at all despite how it sounds. It simply means the dog will not get something good unless he behaves, e.g. if he chews on my hand during a game I will stop playing with him entirely. You cannot imagine how fast this works!