Canis Ludens

Cat training

Cats are able to do tricks!

Or at least Copper can. Okay, my nephew confessed it took three months to teach the beast sit and wait, but it’s more than respectful anyway.

Indeed, because cats are lone rangers, they never hunt in pack. Mating is pretty much the only season they encounter, therefore they are not forced to communicate to each other, they don’t have to take care anything but themselves.

Anything including humans as well. Ever tried to convince your cat who enslaves who? Satisfied with the result?…

Once I was told by an experienced animal trainer it takes half or even a full year to teach a cat a relatively simple trick, e.g. jump a ring, while the same to a dog only takes a few minutes. If you want to endure it, repeat it for a week. And it’s not because cats would be duller… they are different.

Adorable nevertheless.

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