• always call him with his name AND the cue word „come!”. If you repeat only his name, he still won’t know what to do. (Rusty-rusty-rustyyy! yeah it’s me but what do you want from me?)
  • use a high-pitched, playful tone, he’ll listen to you more
  • calling and arriving always has to be a good experience. When he comes to you, reward him, pet him, show him your love.
  • call him randomly during the walk just to praise and let him go immediately. Use command “go” when letting him go.
  • when he arrives, always treat him first, thereafter you can ask for anything else (eg. sit)
  • Always move AWAY from him, turn it into a chasing game – and YOU ARE the prey not him. Dogs are hunters, they react to movement far better than to standstill. Of course if he’s too far, get a little closer first before running away.
  • never underestimate the environment (other dogs, birds, people, etc.). At the beginning call the dog only when you have the chance = he looks towards you, he’s not too far, or you are in a quiet environment. Calling should be a sense of achievement both for you and the dog, if he’s in the middle of a big game or deep in something, wait for your chance.
  • he comes but stand just out of arm’s reach:
    • you may try to lure him into a chasing game: step a few steps back, call him playfully
    • squat down, show him the treat or toy, but don’t give it to him if he doesn’t come closer. Turn and go away, try it again later. Try to call him just once, don’t beg. He decides either come and get the treat – or come not, get not.
    • get him used to that the treat is given next to you not in the front you. Pet him slowly while feeding, if he’s OK with that touch his collar sometimes, make him get used to teasing, poking etc.
  • when he’s close enough, feed (or play) him continuously with one hand and pet (the lower jaw and chin) with the other, grab the collar quasi-unobserved then release, play this several times.


  • call him only when you want to go home
  • grab his collar or jump on him
  • punish him when comes back finally
  • give several more commands before rewarding him
  • call him when you don’t have the chance him to obey: he’s deep in playing, sniffing, etc.
  • call him in a tough tone
  • forget to reward him anyhow (treat, praise, caress, play) when he arrives
  • chase him
  • expect him to obey just because you’re the human. Respect doesn’t work this way, you have to earn it.
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