Your dog may be obedient but still unhappy if you always give orders without rewarding the expected behavior. Why is that? He’s the dog, he has born to obey, hasn’t he? Not really. They are sensitive beings, need positive reinforcement too, not just punishing.

Owners tend to forget praising, as „being a good dog” would be normal. Like sit and wait patiently, heeling, not chasing cats could be expected! Frankly, it’s everything but normal behavior for a healthy dog. He does it for us anyway, to please his owner but don’t be so satisfied with yourself, it’s a very hard work for him! He deserves praising at least.

What happens if there is only punishment? He may freeze to the state of „learned helplessness” (don’t do this, don’t do that… okay, I will not do anything), and it’s pretty hard to teach him anything while he doesn’t want to move an eyebrow due to avoid punishment. And he’s definately not happy.

It’s OK to indicate unwanted behavior but also have to mark the expected ones. And how do you do that? With traits, caressing, praising, showing joy, playing with him, making big fuss. Having big difference between signals of satisfaction or forbidding you will make his life easier, his boundaries more visible, the rules more clear. He’ll be a happier dog.

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